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Owner- No Jondon DIY Set Yourself Free Phone- (206) 883-1919

2015 EZ16/33 Nick Niellos 16/33

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Location- Orting, WA
Owner- No Jondon DIY Set Yourself Free Phone- (206) 883-1919
Asking Price- $4,950.00 Condition- Excellent
Hours- 467
Included Equipment.- Machine looks great ! Stainless steel everything! Wand Wastetank
Additional Information- Call please. 2068831919 Tons of YouTube videos on this machine must see google steam brite 1633 Or nick nellos So easy to work on you can change the belts in five minutes with one wrench You're not gonna need John Don Seattle and supply because you can get all your parts at O'Reilly's NAPA auto zone Think of the freedom you'll have if something goes down you can fix it no over engineering here Stainless steel machine will last a lifetime for five people stainless steel waste tank stainless steel heat exchanger stainless steel frame stainless steel everything this machine is

Van Not Included

Miles- 0 Condition-
Color- Length- NA