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Owner- Gibson Mark Phone-

2006 *** Select ***

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Location- , FL
Owner- Gibson Mark Phone-
Asking Price- $18.00 Condition- NA
Hours- 0
Included Equipment.- 2006 - 16' Trailer Mounted Convectant Drying Trailer with 1,500 hours. Uses 115 volt outlet / 11 amps & Propane. *4 - 60lb propane canisters fit on front of trailer while drying* (not included) Interior is super clean, works great! Trailer is in good condition, no leaks. Some streaking to the exterior paint from the aluminum / elements.
Additional Information- Open air drying system uses outside air, not recycled air, to dry buildings and contents. Outside air is brought into the trailer and conditioned within the trailer to 2-3% RH. The temperature of the dry air can be adjusted within the trailer. That fresh, dry air is brought into the flooded building and circulated. The moisture is sent outside with zero recirculation.

Van Not Included

Miles- 0 Condition-
Color- Length- NA