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Owner- Fellows Steven Phone- (619) 475-0378

2005 *** Select ***

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Location- San Diego, CA
Owner- Fellows Steven Phone- (619) 475-0378
Asking Price- $26.00 Condition- Excellent
Hours- 564
Included Equipment.- Optimum 4 cylinder,4.7 blower, liquid cooled, with cunkle vacuum valve, 250 ft vacuum and high pressure hose on reel, 100 ft supply water and reel,stand up 3 jet Teflon glide wand,stair wand and upholstery wands,tile and grout hydro spinner and 1 jet grout wand with counter hand wand, low rpm 17 inch scrubber and brushes,hydro force sprayer, ram air air duct cleaning system,and hoses.
Additional Information- Dodge has on board generator,and air compressor with storage tank and two self reels with air lines dry and wet ports, gfy 220/120 outlets,ladder rack and high efficiency spot light great self contained unit. Great for when no power is on site, no need to carry a air compressor.

1998 Dodge 3500

Miles- 103000 Condition- Good
Color- White Length- Regular